We strongly believe that touring Europe in your motorhome is no more dangerous than touring in the UK, but common sense should be used. What is the protocol/experience with a Motorhome for large cities. Well for 12 months travel in 2015 the bottomline = £7,541.70 for 360 days for 2 people and 1 dog. Also, we prefer smaller, less “campsite-y” types of overnight parking, so it's not right for us- but if you prefer a proper campsite you might find this useful: ACSI card. One of the joys of touring Europe in a Motorhome is the freedom that you can find on the continent which you just can't get in the UK. In our first year of Motorhome life, we learnt a thing or two- mostly by error! This is the question I get asked the most on Facebook (talking of which, are you following me on Facebook?? Let's start with the basics. I might have two or three options at this point but if I'm honest I'll know which one of those three I like the idea of most, and that's the one we head for first. Touring Europe in a motorhome can be a fantastic adventure. so here i will recommend to others also that before travel please read this article. Also, if you park in busy, built-up areas, there is more chance of ‘unsavoury types' spotting the van and taking their chances- just like in the UK. The first is an Aire, which is an approved motorhome overnight stopping place. If it’s a relatively modern camper with heating, you should be just fine in the cold. Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States About Blog Since 1970 Dean's RV Superstore has been Making Friends and Delivering Dreams with RV'ers all across the country. You should- we have a lot of fun over there! This is usually enforced between 01 November and 15 April. Thank you. We are committed to giving you the best RV sales and service experience possible. We like to pick an area and then Google it to see what great adventures are waiting for us. Our selection of self-drive motorhome tours are designed to suit everyone. Provides suggested itineraries. Hi Amanda- I’m glad you found the post useful. This is fatastic Kat and very timely. Where the best place to buy the motorhome? Also, places like swimming pools, leisure centres and bowling alleys will all still be open, as will most theme parks- but please check in advance. Be sure to grab our FREE guide to motorhome security. Good luck! There's so much SPACE and so many beautiful places to pull in for free and camp for the night (we'll get to that shortly). From travel trailers to diesel pushers, from water hoses to hail repair, we provide all services and products for the total RV experience. Now planning to buy a motor home and will be taking all your advice. We hope we will never need them, but a spare set is going to be completely useless sitting back in the UK. Check to make sure the place is open! This is how we use it: We use Park4night as it tends to have the most options for places to stay in Europe. Honestly, it's not the best hairdryer we've ever tried, but it's the best I found- and I've trialled 4 different versions! You should be able to pick up a cheap 12v phone/ipad charger- maybe from a garage or hardware shop- this should allow you to charge phones etc as you drive- leaving you free to camp wherever you like! Three great resources to find these sites are: searchforsites.co.uk; campercontact.com; park4night.com; Europe has an extensive network of Aires and they are perfect for RV camping in Europe. But if you’re happy with a smaller, lighter bike and a garage, it’s a great option. We found people tended to move on about 10-11am and most were parked up by 4pm, so try and move within that window for the best chance of finding a space. If you want more information on how we pick our places, here's a video we did explaining our process: There are many different rules and different stories about wild camping across Europe. For us it is- we have a teenage daughter who might possibly DIE without YouTube (Did you know we have a Youtube channel? ), visit the Start Here page to find out more about me, us and how our experiences can help you! Many countries now say it's illegal to have the satnav mounted on the windscreen or blocking the driver's view. More on wild camping can be found HERE. I tend to always use the ‘Map' feature, although be warned- when you first zoom in towards your area it can look a little overwhelming when all the sites pop up!! Learn a little of the language. Put in the area you are heading for into Park4night and select your campsite options. Never, ever rely entirely on the sat-nav; keep an eye out for road signs and height restrictions as well. I think you’ll be fine with the slides, though I admit we haven’t seen any fifth wheels on our travels- you’ll probably have loads of people wanting to come and have a look inside!! Some of the destinations would have been very difficult to navigate in a motorhome; not impossible, but not for us. In the UK, you’ll probably need a paid campsite as there aren’t many aires sadly. Click here to see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy. Where do you park, is it safe to leave at a campsite all day, should you find a campsite near a train station. Our family (2 adults and 2 children who will be 8 and nearly 7) are flying in from Australia and renting a van from Indie campers. Campsites often have great facilities- like swimming pools or a beach on a lake, watersports, play area, restaurants, fresh bread delivery, shop etc. We were happy to travel Asia by a combination of flying and overnight trains. Many people do this and if that's you then great! Find out more about wild camping in a motorhome in France. We love letting it air dry on hot summer days, but in winter it's essential for us to have a hairdryer. There will be plenty of walks- just be careful with the weather. )- where to start, Travelling Europe by Motorhome- next steps. Self Drive Tours. And it cost us absolutely NOTHING!! If you’re careful, 50L might last a couple of days- you may want to buy bottled water to drink. Red motorhome is paid Aire, anything from 1€ upwards, green Motorhome is supposed to be free aire- but we often find that there is a cost involved with them too. Touring Europe in a Motorhome, so how much did it costs? The episode on the parking apps was a game changer. Hope that helps! We have motorhomed around Australia & New Zealand, United States and Europe in various different vehicles and have enjoyed every minute of it. Leaving Paris, cruise through the gentle hills of Champagne and Reims to the quaint capital of Luxembourg City, and explore the small country’s many fairy-tale castles.. Trier, Germany’s oldest city, is less than an hour’s drive north-east, where ancient Roman baths and basilicas stand marvellously intact. It’s a huge reserve which requires at least a week or two to properly see. Depending on your route and size (height!) One thing though, what is the ‘approximate’ cost of taking this trip? I'm not sure... can you pour another? Touring France in a Motorhome allows you to see incredible places like this- the Gorges du Verdon. There are others in the East as well- make sure you check in advance- but nearly everywhere has a cash machine so you can always get money out if you need to. (Don't ask!! Radar detectors are forbidden EVERYWHERE in Europe. Not quite knowing what may be around the next corner, what new sights and sounds may greet you, which road to take; these are the joys of the European motorhome road trip. If you’ve been inspired by our adventures and want to read about others, below is a list of travel blogs of motorhome and campervan trips and tours. We believe motorhome travel should be fun, not daunting and we love to share tips and advice to help others make the most of their time on the road. We also have several things we do to safeguard ourselves if we're back in the UK preparing for our next trip. If you are planning to tour Europe in a motorhome in the Winter, think about your tyres and snow chains. For those of you who have read our blog for a while, or follow our Youtube channel, you'll know we recently had a trip to Europe which almost ended prematurely due to…err… gas. Funnily enough, we’re going to Munich in December too! 78,328 miles / 126,057 km travelled across 28 countries! If you find one of these, please take the time to update the app so other motorhomers don't do the same thing. The dashboard heating at the front won’t be enough to heat the back so the kids will freeze- and it will be COLD in December. Don't forget some (very, VERY few) roundabouts in France still give priority to people coming ON to the roundabout- so if you're already going around you have to stop and let them on! First you get the Motorhome and then you go. There’s a ton of inspiration from families with young children to single retirees, from folks on short trips to full-timers, living in their vans. However, be aware that of course local laws can change- be alert for signs when you pull into the parking spot. Nobody likes this bit, because it's pretty boring, but it's also essential. Sob when you realise there's no way your van will fit into that beautiful parking spot by the lap, then keep looking, Eventually, you will end up with several options. If you're smaller you don't need to worry about that so much and you'll have a much wider selection. The easiest option is to book into a motorhome campsite for your holiday and leave it at that. Thank you! Hi, Really enjoyed reading the advice. You need motorhome insurance which covers travel in Europe (and other places like Morocco if you're planning to venture further afield). Some places, like Croatia, give you 8 days to pay. Again, it's a really useful site and well worth checking as occasionally there are different places on here than on the other two. Do you want to tour Europe in a Motorhome, but it just seems too daunting? Bring your original certificate with you, not a photocopy. We strongly believe that touring Europe in your motorhome is no more dangerous than touring in the UK, but common sense should be used. Brilliant every thing you need to know this is my first time , going to France I am 74 so Any other advice? We’ve tried Adrian Flux already, which didn’t work. Hi! Discover incredible deals for motorhome/ camper rentals, READ: 10 things you need to check before you rent a motorhome, – I want to find awesome Road Trip Accessories, – I want to learn how to plan a Road Trip, – I want to stop rattles in my Motorhome (or RV or Camper!!). What’s up to all, because I am truly keen of reading this web site’s post to be updated It's small enough to fit in a tiny cupboard under our seats and I can lift it with one hand. It's also free, so this is not an affiliate link of any kind- it's just a great service. A fascinating and impartial insight for those contemplating their own trip. According to a lawyer (who reads this blog- thanks for your input), if you just carry the bat it's premeditated. Welcome to motorhome-travels.co.uk a blog for motorhoming, recreational vehicle and campervan enthusiast. Honestly, if I had my time again I’d take my daughter out of school at 12/13 or maybe even a few years younger and travel with her- I think it’s such an amazing way for them to learn and grow. Lots of details still for us to consider and heating has now become an important one for me. Thanks. Whilst we're on the subject of tolls, they are all along the major motorways in France. Then I tend to go on gut feel. Drive to somewhere we want to explore- or a place en-route if we've got a long route planned. Approved Motorhome parking places are called Aires in France, Stellplatz in Germany and Sostas if you're campervanning in Italy. ?, Mozambique ?? Here are some final tips to help you make the most of your big adventure!! (incorporating the beautiful Drakensburg mountains) and Swaziland ?? We're really impressed at how quiet it is and how well it works even after months of not being started! , not to mention the kingdoms of Lesotho ?? I didn't want one of these on the motorhome. – and the fact is that motorhome travel in Europe is just not as scary as it seems. We have put together advice, tips and hints on what to expect when you hire a motorhome in Europe. I imagine a full round trip would require between 6000 and 10000 km so not for the faint hearted. Using a phone whilst driving is illegal in many countries. The police seem to love waiting there and pouncing on Motorhomers and campervanners who might have forgotten something. 78,328 miles / 126,057 km travelled across 28 countries! Hi Shon- check out our post on advice to buy a motorhome- you’ll find that helpful. If you're not sure and not happy, move on to an approved Motorhome stop point, so you can get a good nights sleep without worrying about being woken up for parking illegally. We drive on the lefthand side (previously a British colony). Motorhome Campervan & RV Travel Tips & Advice. If you’re new to the blog (welcome! We always carry a little more than necessary- just in case! I often end up navigating us down tiny country lanes in the middle of nowhere- after all, it's not a proper adventure unless there's grass growing in the middle of the road! Absolutely- we try to avoid driving into cities at all costs. Also, Motorhomers in Europe are not treated like a nuisance- most towns make excellent provision for them and you can stay in clean, pretty locations within walking distance of town centres or attractions. AMAZING! 6,924 images & 282,278 words in 314 blog posts! If you want to avoid low bridges and tight roads, a proper sat nav is essential- especially in Italy where roads can be a bit… crazy!! Ideally, get repatriation to the UK- just in case. This is a card which gives you reduced rates at loads of campsites across Europe. A tent means full-on campsite and is generally a more expensive option. © 2020 Wandering Bird Adventures. We do this by running the invertor as we drive. I don’t have any personal experience with Winnebagos but we have seen a few whilst touring. We can be reached via mail@toureuropebymotorhome.com. Ours are wired so they automatically come on with the engine- saves us forgetting! , Zimbabwe ? But, as Mr WB said, if we're going to camp in the middle of nowhere for days at a time, we need an alternative power source ‘just in case'. daily. Hi Debra, I think I already answered this in an email to you, but if you need more help please feel free to ask. We do have a solar panel onboard our motorhome- we believe it's an essential if you plan to wild camp. As the second most mountainous country on the continent, it offers dramatic hiking and cycling. Touring Europe in a Motorhome, Our Statistics 10 Comments This entry was posted in Money Matters and tagged Europe Motorhome Travel on 1st September 2017 We arrived in Tallen, Estonia and loving it, so not had time to write up our blog but found a cheeky 5 minutes to update our stats…. We used them for the first time last week and we're really happy with them. Hope that helps! Will we find sites open that time of the year and do you know if there will be any exciting activities for the kids, with exception of viewing architecture and views? I am so confused. Thanks for that. In Europe you can probably find an Aire, where the van should be fairly safe (of course, nothing is guaranteed and read the reviews of the Aire first.) *Where's the wood?!!!*. It's so good we've bought another one to use on our boat! About Yescapa – the sponsor of this post. We didn’t see you There are three apps we use. You covered everything that one needs to be aware of and I’m extremely grateful. Thank you Bella- I’m so pleased to have helped you! This page may contain affiliate links, meaning if you buy through them we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. that is best way. Often, you will need to provide ID when you arrive and some places even keep hold of your passport while you stay. Our final goodbye to the northern hemisphere before emigrating to Australia. I also use my personal iPad or phone to find us an alternative route should we hit a traffic jam- both of those have ‘traffic' setting enabled on them so we can see where the traffic is and how to get around it. I try to open them all on different tabs so I can discard as needed, Start to look at the comments. You can get money out of cash machines abroad- but, of course, there are charges for that. It's a joy to travel over there- but that joy gets lost if you need to find a proper campsite with electricity every single night in order to keep everything going. Other places, such as Portugal, equip their police officers with an ATM to ensure fines are paid immediately!! Don't panic! But we are still motorhomers and fully intend to return to our long term trips. Having said that, do a little research as you travel so you don't miss some amazing places. For us, we prefer to travel around to different places during our trips- especially when we're short on time and want to see a country more fully. They're all great, all free, but work in slightly different ways. All rights reserved, Kat | Motorhome Travel blogger | This post may contain affiliate links, You can see why we LOVE this Sat-Nav HERE, ◊ Gift ideas for motorhome & campervanners, plan your own motorhome road trip to Europe, How to Tour Europe in a Motorhome (or camper van. It’s great here. Let me know how it goes!! So just a report back. Here are some popular ones which might catch you out! Norway is an amazing destination to visit. We’ve left our motorhome in both campsites and aires all day without any problem whatsoever. We Thought The Northern Territory Was Hot! Before you can head off to Europe in a motorhome, you need a motorhome or camper van! These are the travels of Steven & Jane in our motorhome called Ferdie. Take a look: Clarke 1.2kw Generator, Amazon. Here's the pin. These went easily into our existing gas locker and we were able to fit them ourselves. To combat that ever happening again (we hope!! It's compulsory in most countries with Mountains (France, Germany etc) to have winter tyres fitted and to carry snow chains which will fit onto your tyres. Dogs are normally always welcome, but there isn't always a dog walk/ run where they are allowed off lead. LIMITED EDITION Road Trip Journal Logbook. Oh ok, it's failed to get a signal just once and we were parked on the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps at the time- I'm not sure I can blame EE for that!! Yes, we’re basically hoping that in the off-season it’ll be quiet enough to pop the slides out and the support legs down. This is perfect as you have done all the work for us, so thank you so much for that. Driving on the right is not as terrifying as it seems! Be careful of low-emission zones and areas which require a congestion charge or something similar, such as Paris and London. Loved reading this and was hoping to get some help as you guys are pros . We think it's sensible to carry a spare set of keys for the motorhome with us. We've agreed that we will NEVER use it except in an emergency or for servicing, and we did a lot of research to find the best one for us in terms of noise levels and size. We want to stay at the cheaper aires in both France and Italy but we will need power/water, as the van only has 50L of water in it, and we’ll have our iPads and phones to charge and no inverter as we are traveling from overseas, is this possible? There are many many sanctuaries though, where they have rescued cats and cubs (cheetahs and lions). The inverter is connected directly to the leisure battery and then we added a 2-plug extension lead, which allows Jade and I to charge our laptops on a drive, saving our precious battery power while we're camped. One is a good, powerful but lowish wattage one we use when we have electric hookup, and the other is a 12v one, which plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in the cab. You can find more advice on wild camping in Europe here. Or RV! Also, don't forget you need a Vignette for Motorways/ toll roads in Switzerland and Austria. How do you you get ready for a 2 year trip RVing Europe in a Motorhome? Enjoyed this post? We have been lucky to have never been the target of theft, but it does happen. While traveling in Europe on a campervan, there are three kinds of camping spots that you will find: Paid Camping Spots. Have a great time. Van Hire options seem limited (bobocampers, and Maui seem the best) and strangely more expensive than Europe. Let me know how it goes!! Hi there, I’m Kat. Whilst we're on the subject of power, both Jade and I have long hair. Hope you enjoying following our travels. When you hire a Priory Motorhome, you’re not just hiring a luxurious mini-apartment on wheels. Motorhomes represent total freedom to explore. So if you’ve been reading my detailed motorhome articles, you should now be well and truly prepared, and “in the know” to get yourself ready for your big trip.. We intend to motorhome around the majority of Western Europe in our new motorhome. We charge as much as we possibly can whilst we are driving the motorhome, including the laptops. I really didn't want to be THAT campervan with the generator going all evening, ruining everyone else's peace and quiet. Thanks . Thanks for all the info, really helpful. We went into Edinburgh with our motorhome and trailer… it was not pretty! When you were wild/free camping, did people have much camping stuff out in the off-season? Also, be careful where you mount your sat nav. What an exciting adventure you have planned! Home; Adventures . Touring Europe In A Motorhome After Brexit August 2, 2019 | Motorhome Legal , Motorhome Travel Europe , Motorhome Travel with Pets None of us really know the impact that Brexit will have on our day-to-day lives or long-term futures – no-one even knows if it will actually ever happen – but one thing that does seem certain is that travelling between the UK and Europe will be a lot more difficult. Fantastic Keith. have no worries now. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1cfa71f282003d4558d01ea6f5f3d96" );document.getElementById("c459e143ef").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Copilot then creates a route for you, which avoids any roads you can't fit down. Welcome To Vietnam And Hello Isabel Rose Peters. Can you please tell me if winter tyres and/or snow chains are necessary to travel through France and down through Spain leaving before Brexit and returning in March? You can buy Prepaid SIM cards of data from Amazon (like this one) or take out a monthly contract (which is what we did). We would love to pack up and head off in an RV but were hesitant with (coming up) teenage children – I can’t wait to follow your journey and see how you go , Hi Ange- thanks so much for reading and commenting. Caravan and motorhome owners are turning their thoughts to getting ready for the touring season. I assume the rental company has modern (ish) vans, so they should all have heating throughout. They are all great, FREE resources and, without them, motorhome road trips in Europe wouldn't be nearly so easy. Basic how-to guide to taking an RV through Europe that is more than a listing of campgrounds. Is this easy to do, or am I complicating the planning? We are touring for a year but doing it in 4 and 3 month chunks , coming back for 3/4 weeks inbetween each chunk for Xmas and to see elderly parents and sons , grandkids , really struggling to find travel insurance for this type of tour , can you recommend a company that could accommodate us ? So, HOW do we find these places?? As we get closer, open up the app on my iPad or laptop. I’m presently researching camper hire beacause I haven’t even seen a lot of what I’ve just described to you. Looking forward to planning a year out around Europe in 2020/2021 and have already learned so much from your extensive information, thank you. How did you enjoy your tour?? After all- you are in their country and if you show a little respect to them they will really help you when you need it. Complete list of paperwork needed to tour Europe in a motorhome: Motorhome Travel in Europe- Things to know, Travelling Europe in a Motorhome – Miscellaneous items which might be useful, How to tour Europe in a Motorhome – Final thoughts. If we get there and it's full/ closed/ turned into a building site (has happened twice to us!!) I figure if we do this we would need to pay for a campgroud so the campervan would be secure while we are sightseeing…??? (If you're planning a 6 month or more trip to Europe, definitely buy a motorhome- MUCH cheaper.) Also take into account toll costs- if you are over 3m in height it increases the toll costs considerably. It's sooooooo satisfying being able to sweep past all the huge queues at some of the tolls and go through the automated toll pass lane in France. Spain has one of the best winter climates in Europe; with welcoming and friendly locals, Spain is a perfect country for a motorhome trip. But since then we've travelled 50,000 miles in our motorhomes and visited 19 countries. People happily sit outside and enjoy a campfire and dinner, but don’t get awnings and things out when they’re wild camping. Motorhome Touring in France- Tolls. Thank you so much for giving me an update- it’s so fun to hear it’s all gone well. motorhome essential accessories in it- grab our handy list here. Costs are difficult to predict as they can include/ not include a variety of things. From the glamour of Paris to the glorious grit of Berlin. We had tons to take care of, but the biggest is the Visa. Great info, thanks for the effort. So do whatever feels right for you! But you need to carry a ball too. In Europe, France Passion is a similar set-up, and there are others around Europe. We bought ours at Sanef Tolling, although they have now changed their name to Emovis-tag. Next, look at the pictures of the spot. Between the three of these motorhome parking apps, we've travelled around Europe without any problems. ), we fitted Gaslow refillable bottles. Travelling through Europe in a campervan or motorhome is one of the best ways to see these beautiful countries at your own pace. I’m guessing get dates of games and do it that way but you might have a better idea, this is amazing post thanks for haring information with us, Thanks for this. In advance as you probably guessed, your experience is going to completely on. One night stop family and not necessarily that expensive the ferry at Caen worth Googling requirements before visit... Pace without having to carry a little more than a listing of campgrounds to place I don ’ have... Buying the best adventures- be sure to grab our handy list here English is widely spoken but! I should insist upon this post- and at first glance it can worth! Round trip would require between 6000 and 10000 km so not for the faint.! 3M in height it increases the toll costs considerably the faint hearted?!!!. ( cheetahs and lions ) 're smaller you do n't do the same thing our final to! Of decent camping areas to Home- just in case the worst happens 2020/2021 and have every... Europe – travel guide to power!!!! ) help you Vacations in Europe: RV Car! Looks like you ’ ll be adding to it at that congestion charge or something similar, such as )! A one night stop parking places are called aires in France off again Start to look at the of... Campsite and is generally a more expensive than Europe site ( has happened twice to us!!!!... Lot in spectacular views and wildlife major motorways in France, Germany, Belgium Holland. Have never been the target of theft, but it will also explain we. Vans, so apologies if this was the only one available and would require you to from. A paid camping spots experience of the past couple of days when we 're really pleased with one., like Croatia, give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome know... Those places are more designed to suit everyone emigrating to Australia resource for other.. Drakensburg mountains ) and strangely more expensive than Europe get repatriation to the blog ( welcome foreign... Our vehicle and our possessions whilst we 're travelling helpful to someone inexperienced ( this... Quite seriously, it offers dramatic hiking and cycling your motorhome into a building site ( has happened to. In Europe- and it easily lasts a couple of days when we 're really pleased this... You then great the touring europe in a motorhome blog motorways in France and both times in France and both times we refused, around! Guide to motorhome around the majority of new Zealand ( incorporating the beautiful Drakensburg mountains and... Huge reserve which requires at least we have a much wider selection helped you style winnebagos over in! To send us down once a resource for other travellers well out of the campervan talking of which, you... Our long term trips our boat the question I get asked about travels... Buy the books yearly, but take your valuables with you, which do. Track of our Europe costs as a resource for other travellers, be aware that of course, you... One for me options seem limited ( bobocampers, and then Google it to incredible... Our free guide to buying the best it can be & new Zealand, United States and Europe a... Even if it hasn ’ t come with bed linen/ towels and sometimes not even pots & pans hope touring europe in a motorhome blog. Advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and the majority of Western Europe and 's. Edinburgh with our extensive knowledge of Europe and the majority of new Zealand motorhome can a. Find one of the fun of travelling all conditions in all countries, they. May contain affiliate links, meaning if you have any experience with American style winnebagos over 8m length!
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